All tickets will be valid for the new VidCon Abu Dhabi dates in December 2021, or they can be refunded. 

If you have purchased your ticket, you will have received an email with your possible options. 

Tickets holder will have two options: they can ask for a refund or they can keep their tickets, which will be valid for the VidCon Abu Dhabi event in December 2021. 

Keeping tickets: if ticket holders choose to keep their tickets, they will also receive an additional free ticket for a friend! 

Refunding tickets: if ticket holders choose to refund their ticket, the full ticket(s) cost will be refunded to their bank account. The refund can take up to two weeks, depending on the bank.  

Please be advised that refunds will be possible until 2 months before the event (October 8th, 2021). 

Please note that that the AED12 “delivery fee” will not be refunded.